About Us
MAtv is a community television channel offered exclusively to Videotron customers in nine main regions of Quebec: Bas-Saint-Laurent, Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Granby, Montréal, Outaouais, Québec/Lévis, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Sherbrooke and Sorel-Tracy.
MAtv also works in tandem with more than twenty broadcast partners.
To read the CRTC's Broadcasting Regulatory Policy for Community Television, click here .

Our Mission

In exclusivity for Videotron’s clientele, MAtv remains at the service of the community and reflects Quebec's diversity.
Offering all citizens access a space for expression and dissemination, the channel values highly interaction and participation.
Useful, informative and educational, MAtv puts forward local interests and fosters the emergence of talents.
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How to get involved in your community channel

Submit a TV Project

You have an idea for a TV show? MAtv makes the necessary resources available to all, helping you to carry out your project the way you wanted. In front of or behind the camera, get involved now by submitting your project!

Volunteering Program

In order to produce projects from and for citizens, MAtv offers training and coaching on the main television professions. Sign up for MY volunteer Program to live a rewarding and motivating experience.

How to discover our shows

MAtv is broadcast on channel 9 as well as on HD at position 609. It is also available on illico télé on channel 900, on the Web with illico.tv, and on tablets (iPad and Android) from the illico application and on illico mobile. Some programs are also available on MAtv.ca website.

The TV into your region

MAtv in different regions
MAtv offers citizens hyperlocal programming reflecting the interests of the region it serves. The MAtv network is composed of nine channels with original local content.

Our Broadcast Partners

MAtv works with more than twenty community television stations across Quebec to offer you diversified programming. Thank you to all our Broadcast Partners. CONSULT OUR PARTNERS LIST