Frequently Asked Questions

About MAtv
What is MAtv?
MAtv is the community’s voice, by Videotron. Carried exclusively by Videotron, MAtv serves the community and reflects Québec’s diversity. It offers all Quebecers a space for self-expression and communication, and promotes public participation. Useful, informative and educational, MAtv focuses on local interests and highlights emerging talent.
Who owns MAtv?
Cable company Videotron, part of the group Quebecor Media, owns and manages MAtv.
How to tune in MAtv?
Clients of Videotron can tune in MAtv on channel 9 or 609 in HD. In addition, when logging on Videotron's Customer Centre, all clients of Videotron (television, Internet, mobile or illico Club) can view MAtv live and on-demand thanks to the illico app for iPad and Android, and through illico.tv at the following address: https://illicoweb.videotron.com/chaines/MAtv
Is there a difference between channel 9 programming and the programming on channel 609 HD?
No: both channels 9 and 609 show firstly programs produced by local MAtv station and by community television affiliated (TCA) to MAtv, then complete their programmation - when local programs are not presented - with shows produced by other community televisions of the MAtv network.
I would like to watch MAtv but I am not a Videotron client. Is there another way to view MAtv programs?
If you are not a Videotron client, you can still view some of MAtv complete shows on matv.ca. On the other hand, you could have full access to MAtv just by becoming a member of the illico Club of Videotron. For only $9.99 per month, this membership allows you to watch live MAtv Montreal's local programming as well as Quebec's on-demand, plus watching movies and series unlimited on the web, with illico.tv as well as with the illico app on iPad and Android tablets! In order to get all the information on this topic, visit http://illicoweb.videotron.com/club-infos
Submitting a TV Project
Can I propose projects or suggest content to MAtv?
MAtv is organized to welcome and evaluate show projects submitted, and to manage the development and production of chosen programming. You can find more information on this topic in the section SUBMIT A PROJECT under the tab PARTICIPATE.
How to be a volunteer at MAtv?
Refer to VOLUNTEERING section under the PARTICIPATE tab, where you can complete and submit the form directly online. You will be contacted personally to get better acquainted. Please note that for certain regions, registration is only available during specific periods of the year.
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