My Curious City

Date de début: 2019-04-10 1:00:00 AM Date de fin: 2020-09-26 4:00:00 AM

My Curious City

Saison 3

5. Old school and tradition

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This week at My Curious City, we explore nostalgia with our old school and tradition theme. From vintage trends and classic cars to traditional trades, our collaborators present many ways to bring back the good old days! In a report, we visit Lester's Deli which has been serving smoked meat for more than fifty years. In studio, we have David Boulanger, historian and professor of etiquette in the Military, teaches men and women to behave as ‘’gentlemen’’and ‘’ladies’’. Also a musical performance with The Escapist Music.

Guest(s) : David Boulanger, historian and professor of etiquette in the Military Report- Bill Berenholc and Candice Berenholc, Lester’s Deli Musical performance - The Escapist Music Volunteer collaborators - Adria de la Parra (Host), Teresa Picciano, Brittany Henriques, Nick Chrysanthakopoulos, Pamela Pagano, Karina Thevenin, Berline Dorlean, Ron Moss(reporter), Helene Lokoka, Francine Romano Volunteer technicians - Faye Hitchen, Matthew Naoufal, Steve Lapommeray, Saher Gerais

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About the show

My Curious City presents different themes connected to the Montreal cosmopolitan life. Through reports, columns and interviews, the team of My Curious City highlights places, companies, events and individual Montreal citizens, around a weekly theme. Invited artists add a musical touch every week with live performances recorded in the studio.