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CityLife Outaouais

Saison 8

6. Provincial Commentary

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While most of us are focused on pandemic updates and keeping our families safe in these unprecedented times, it?s easy to miss other things happening in our government. There have been some strong statements in the past weeks which could have a profound impact on the English Speaking minority in Quebec. Leader of the Official Opposition in the National Assembly, Ms. Dominique Anglade joins us for an interesting discussion.

Guest(s) : Dominique Anglade Margrete Vollelv

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About the show

CityLife is proud to be the only English language television show produced in the Outaouais. Join us for lively discussion each week as we explore the people, places and issues that matter to the English speaking Community. Your voice in the Outaouais.

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Linton Garner

Linton Garner


Linton Garner is the Executive Director of the Regional Association of West Quebecers which serves the English-speaking community in the Outaouais. Linton is on the board of the Société d’habitation et de développement de Montréal, is a member of the Table de l’Éducation d’Outaouais and is President of the Quebec Federation of Home and Schools (QFHSA) as well as a board member of both the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) and Seniors Action Quebec (SAQ).

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Stephany Crowley

Stephany Crowley

Host and content producer

Stephany Crowley has lived and worked in the Outaouais for over 25 years. Her background is Marketing Communications, and Public Relations. She has worked as a Strategic Communications Advisor for small and medium-sized businesses, Press Secretary and Director of Policy in the Federal Government. Stephany passionately supports community organizations and events. She has served on several Boards including, Regional Association of West Quebecers, the Aylmer Legion and the National Memorial Ride. In 2017, Stephany was President of Celebration Aylmer Canada 150 Parade Committee.

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