Writers Unbound

Date de début: 2021-10-19 4:00:00 AM Date de fin: 2021-11-02 4:00:00 AM

Writers Unbound

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4. Health and Healthcare

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A pediatric emergency physician and activist takes on medical colonialism in a new book that discusses the treatment of Indigenous children in Canada's medical system. A mystery writer with ten years of volunteer experience at Montreal's Jewish General Hospital sets his latest series in part in a very similar institution, with a nurse as a main character. This week's guests, writers Richard King and Samir Shaheen-Hussain, discuss the power of books to change how we think about health, healthcare, and how the system serves (or doesn't) the most vulnerable among us.

Guest(s) : Richard King,Author Samir Shaheen-Hussain, Pediatric Emergency Physician, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University Rebecca Lloyd, Director, Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore Piedad Saenz, Children's Bookseller, Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore

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About the show

Presented by the Association of English-language Publishers of Quebec, Writers Unbound is a series of 6 thematic 28-minute episodes, hosted by Shelley Pomerance, featuring Montreal's English-language literature. Each episode will allow us to discover the careers of two local writers, one of whose works will be read by a citizen in the metropolis. The two writers will be invited to discuss in depth a particular literary theme and to share with us what touches them, what inspires them, what they find interesting in this universe. The program will end with the literary favourites of a bookseller!

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Association of English-language Publishers of Quebec

Association of English-language Publishers of Quebec

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The Association of English-language Publishers of Quebec (Association des éditeurs de langue anglaise du Québec) is a not-for-profit organization that advances the publication, distribution, and promotion of English-language books from Quebec. We support our member publishers through professional development seminars, advocacy, and marketing initiatives. http://aelaq.org/

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Shelley Pomerance

Shelley Pomerance


Shelley Pomerance is a programmer with Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival, writes the English Books column for Montréal Centre_ville magazine and is the host of a bilingual online poetry reading series. For over 20 years, she was a presence on CBC Radio as a host and arts reporter. She has also presented talks for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens and for a number of Montreal festivals and libraries.

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