LeZarts - The Arts of Montreal

Date de début: 2022-04-07 4:00:00 AM Date de fin: 2023-04-07 4:00:00 AM

LeZarts - The Arts of Montreal

Saison 2

1. April 5th episode

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Welcome to LeZarts, the Arts of Montreal. This is the show that takes you on a tour of Montreal’s artistic and cultural life through the eyes of our volunteer reporters. This week, we explore the Fringe Festival, we find out what’s on at the Centaur Theatre, we meet Nicolas Ellis, conductor and founder of the Orchestre de L’Agora, we visit the Heure Mauve exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts and we take in some public art.

Guest(s) : Nicolas Ellis, Conductor, Founder and Artistic Director, Orchestre de l’Agora Stéphane Aquin, Director of Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Stéphanie Rose, Public arts Manager, Ville de Montréal Kenny Streule, Artistic Producer, Fringe Festival Eda Holmes, Artistic and Executive Director, Centaur Theatre VOLUNTEER COLLABORATORS – Aurore Liang, Kate Kenyon, Rehana Patel, Teresa Picciano, Natasha Sukhdeo

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About the show

LeZarts is the show that takes you on a tour of the Montreal arts and culture scene through the eyes of our volunteer reporters. From theatre, music and dance, to film, literature and visual arts, each episode will bring you the city’s culture and art forms in all their diversity.

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