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Date de début: 2020-02-10 5:00:00 AM Date de fin: 2022-02-11 5:00:00 AM

Share who we are

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4. Quentin Condo

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The person in front of me right now has 6 beautiful kids at home and a beautiful wife. Good community. Strong nation. And a lot of hope. I'm a Mi'kmaq from Gesgapegiag, in the Gaspésie. The most beautiful place on the planet. That's the birth of Canada, it's where Jacques Cartier was lost at sea in 1534, when the Mi'kmaq people found him. Indigenous people, as a whole, we still have a lot of problems that we face, regularly. But, we are strong and we are moving forward.

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About the show

IT IS DIFFICULT TO OPEN TO SOMEONE ELSE ... ESPECIALLY TO A CAMERA. IS IT EASIER TO OPEN TO OURSELVES? Alone in front of a mirror. A face, unique features, wrinkles, freckles, scars, traces of age, everything that makes a person unique. It’s easy to describe yourself physically. However, when the time comes to talk about us, our interests, what drives us and defines us inside, it gets more complex. In full introspection, the mirror can then become a window to the world, a possibility to express oneself without embarrassment, without limits. This mirror is MAtv.