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1. Acceptance of Terms

Acceptance and Site services. The Site gives users access to the information available at the time of connection. The Site offers information and potentially services that allow, among other things, access to content related to MAtv’s schedule and programs, the company and other matters, as well as access to functionalities specific to the Site. The Terms apply to the entire Site and all the products and services provided by MAtv, as applicable. By using the services provided by MAtv on the Site, you agree to do so in compliance with applicable law and the Terms.

2. Copyright and trademarks

Intellectual property. All content on the Site created, developed, broadcast, communicated, elaborated or generated by MAtv (including texts, illustrations, images, codes, trademarks and URLs) or reproduced by MAtv on the Site, as well as the selection, layout and arrangement of such content, are the property of MAtv or licenced from third parties, and are protected by law and copyright in all countries. Accordingly, you may not copy, reproduce, modify, reformulate, republish or more generally use, in whole or in part, any element of the Site that is owned by MAtv without prior written authorization from MAtv. No licence or right of use is granted or implied by virtue of your registration on the Site (if applicable) or your accessing the Site. You may not, among other things, modify, copy, distribute, publish, transmit, broadcast, reproduce, compile, arrange or save content owned by MAtv, or create compilations consisting in whole or in part of content owned by MAtv, or transfer such content to any person by any means whatsoever, including the reproduction and/or transmission of any excerpt from such content, whether accompanied by a link or not, without written authorization from MAtv or unless expressly permitted by law or by the Site’s functionalities. Selling or profiting in any way whatsoever from content, information, software, products or services obtained from the Site, or creating compilations or derivative works from such, are also prohibited. To make navigating the Site as pleasant as possible, users of the Site’s online communication services must comply with the Terms at all times. Any action you take when participating in forums, discussions, blogs, interactive features and/or more generally any page on the Site on which you can leave comments, express yourself, contribute and enrich the online content with your own input, including all posts, notes, data, comments, additions, animations, articles, publications, texts, links, hyperlinks, hypertexts, photos, images, files, videos, music, audio or video elements, webcasts and/or more generally any user-generated information or content in any form (hereafter “Contribution”) must at all times comply with the Terms. Any Contributions that are insulting, defamatory, obscene, offensive, discriminatory, racist, violent or sexist, or contain material that is illegal or violates intellectual property rights, is prohibited. Your Contribution must never be contrary to public decency, public order, or applicable acts and regulations. More specifically, prohibited content includes but is not limited to pedophilia, pornography and child pornography; incitement to crime, violence, hatred, racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia or homophobia; and glorification of war crimes or crimes against humanity. Accordingly, no Contribution may, by its nature or form, incite discrimination against a person, group of people or family on the basis of their ethnicity, religion or race, or denigrate, defame, damage the reputation of, violate the privacy of or harm the image of a third party. Physical and/or material threats, harassment and cyberbullying are strictly prohibited. You are completely and entirely responsible for your Contribution. It is understood that your Contribution reflects only your opinion and not that of MAtv. Your Contribution must at no time materially damage the Site and its functionalities or allow such damage. Your Contribution must use respectful language that is not offensive, vulgar or crude. Exclusive or excessive use of capitals (the Internet equivalent of shouting) is prohibited. Politeness, courtesy and respect for others are the basic rules in the virtual world as in the real world. You must hold all required rights, in full, including intellectual property rights, to all Contributions you make on the Site. By submitting your Contribution, you agree to grant MAtv a non-exclusive, transferable and perpetual licence, valid for all media, existing or future. Accordingly, MAtv may disseminate, broadcast, code, distribute, reproduce (in whole or in part), modify, present, communicate, adapt, display, publish, translate and more generally use your Contribution, publicly or not, without compensation. Furthermore, you waive all moral rights in your Contribution. Subject to the rights granted above, you retain all intellectual property rights and copyright to your Contribution. Your Contribution reflects your thinking, preferences and tastes, and more generally it is a reflection of yourself. You must not suggest that your Contribution is being made on behalf of any third party unless you have express authorization to do so. You may not suggest, imply or give people to understand that MAtv approves, shares or endorses your Contribution, or create any confusion in that regard, unless you have express authorization to do so. Freedom of expression is one of the most important fundamental freedoms in any democratic society and it must be respected. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Accordingly, the comments, ideas and Contributions of others must be treated with respect, even if you do not agree with them. Humour. Internet humour can be tricky. It may be difficult to convey the desired tone in your Contribution. This fact should be borne in mind when making a Contribution.

3. Illegal Content

You have sole responsibility for the content you post on the Site, for your Contributions, and for their consequences. You may not use the Site or its services to conduct or disseminate any study, contest, pyramid scheme, chain letter or solicitation for political, professional or commercial purposes, or for spamming, flooding or hacking, or to perform any other act for illegal purposes or to hijack Contributions. Any action that may prejudice the rights of others or prevent others from using the Site and its functionalities is also prohibited. While MAtv reserves the right to remove data and Contributions at its sole discretion, it is under no obligation to do so. MAtv makes no representation regarding control over the content of the available information, given the volume and speed of data transmission via the service. MAtv reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to take action against you or any person who violates the Terms and to inform the competent public authorities of any manifestly illicit activity, information or content of which it becomes aware. MAtv, its directors, representatives, executives, employees and agents reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to remove any Contribution from the Site, in whole or in part, if in their opinion it contravenes the Terms. MAtv reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove and/or suspend your profile and/or your account in the event of serious or repeated violations of the Terms, with or without prior notice. MAtv, its directors, representatives, executives, employees and agents disclaim all responsibility for the Contributions, content and opinions presented on the Site. The Contributions express only the views of their authors and MAtv, the Site, its directors, representatives, executives, employees and agents do not endorse the intentions or value judgements they may convey. MAtv, its directors, representatives, executives, employees and agents reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to edit or remove messages and Contributions that are not compliant with the Terms. MAtv, its directors, representatives, executives, employees and agents may also suspend the Site, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice.

4. Internet safety for children and teens

Children and teens on the Internet. Children and teens are increasingly using and benefiting from Internet services. However, as in any environment, their vulnerability makes them potential targets for crime or exploitation. You are therefore advised to monitor your children, teens and wards when they use your Internet service and counsel them with respect to security and the use of common sense. Such counsel can often prevent your children, teens and wards from being exposed to offensive information or becoming victims of harassment or other criminal acts. Nevertheless, you are advised to exercise reasonable supervision of their use of your Internet service. They should be aware that they must never disclose personal information such as their name, telephone number or address on the Site. It is important that you encourage your children, teens and wards to discuss their concerns with you if they receive messages they find disturbing or shocking. These recommendations will help them browse the Internet in an informed manner and help you ensure that they make good use of the Internet.

5. Network security and efficiency

MAtv cannot guarantee the Site’s complete efficiency and security. It is possible that computer hackers may break into the server. Therefore, BEFORE REGISTERING, USING YOUR ACCOUNT, IF APPLICABLE, ACCESSING OR CONTRIBUTING TO THE SITE, it is important to bear in mind that ill-intentioned individuals may access the Site’s servers and use personal information for their own purposes. IN NO CASE may MAtv or its directors, executives, employees or agents be held liable for acts of computer hacking or any damage or loss you may thereby incur. The Site may occasionally crash and programming errors may be caused by updates or by events beyond the control of MAtv. Neither MAtv nor its directors, executives, employees or agents can be held liable if you are unable to browse, use or access the Site for any reason (including lack of understanding, defective telephone line, incompatible modem, broken cable, incorrect configuration, incorrect browser, etc.) Furthermore, MAtv reserves the right to make the Site or the services temporarily unavailable for purposes of maintenance or updates.

6. Links

MAtv or third parties may provide links to other websites or sources. MAtv has no control over such sites and sources and is not responsible for and cannot guarantee the availability of such external websites and sources. MAtv does not sanction or endorse the content provided by such websites or sources and is not liable for or make any warranty for such content. MAtv reserves the right to display advertising messages on the entire Site, which messages may contain links to other websites. MAtv is in no way responsible for the ideas, opinions, products, services or more generally the content conveyed by the advertising messages and other websites.

7. Limitation of liability

MAtv, its parent corporations, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, directors, executives, employees, agents and representatives have no liability for damages, including compensatory damages, whether direct or indirect, or any other damages whatsoever that you or any other person may incur due to any counsel, advice, recommendation, opinion, Contribution or information obtained on the Site, any technical equipment or technology on the Site, any human or technical error at any stage, any technical problems or defects in electronic or communications networks, on-line computer systems, servers, computer hardware, software, data transmission or any other technical problem or congestion on the Site. MAtv cannot be held liable for the loss of any or all content, including during posting, alteration or modification by MAtv, you or a third party. MAtv does not guarantee any level of traffic on the Site. Furthermore, the guardian, parent or person with parental authority remains responsible at all times for the health, well-being, monitoring, supervision and upbringing of the child or teen under his or her care. You are wholly and solely responsible for any content and Contribution you generate on the Site. MAtv cannot be held responsible for any fraudulent or malicious use of the Site and its service.

8. Indemnification

MAtv is not responsible for content, actions and Contributions generated by you or by third parties on the Site or linked to the Site. You agree that you are wholly and solely responsible for your Contributions and you warrant that you make them knowingly. MAtv cannot be deemed responsible for any violation of the Terms committed by you or with the assistance of a third party. Furthermore, MAtv, the Site, their directors, representatives, executives, employees and agents do not endorse your remarks, content, intentions or judgements, or those of third parties. Accordingly, you agree to indemnify and save harmless MAtv and its subsidiaries, parent corporation, executives, agents, representatives, directors and employees from and against any legal proceeding against them arising from a violation of the Terms by yourself or by any person who has access to your account.

9. Force majeure.

No liability. MAtv is not liable for, among other things, any delay, failure, interruption, suspension, reduction or disruption, in whole or in part, in the performance of any of its obligations, or for damages or losses you may incur, if the delay, failure, interruption, suspension, reduction or disruption in the performance of its obligations, or the damages or losses, occur as a result of force majeure or circumstances beyond its control, including a lock-out or strike.

10. Applicable law and amendment

This contract is governed by the applicable laws of the province of Québec. You hereby agree that any legal action arising from or related to the use of the Site or the Contract shall be brought before the competent courts of the judicial district of Montréal in the province of Québec. The Terms may be amended by MAtv at any time in order to, inter alia, reflect changes to the Site. Accordingly, MAtv may add, modify or remove Terms, elements or functionalities of the Site in view of factors such as technical changes or changes to the law. Any amendments to the Terms shall take effect upon publication. Therefore, you must regularly review these Terms and undertake to immediately stop using and accessing the Site if you disagree with the Terms. If you do not accept the present Terms, you must refrain from creating an account (if such a functionality is available), contributing to the Site or visiting and browsing the Site. By continuing to use the Site after the Terms have been amended, you confirm that you accept the Terms in full, including such subsequent amendments as MAtv may make from time to time.


1. What does "Navigational Data" mean, and how is it collected?

Navigational Data is general information about your browsing behaviour and your electronic device. It may include information about your IP address, your browsing history (such as when you visited this Site and how much time you spent on it), the content of the pages you visited, the number of clicks you made during your visit, the type of device you used, the site you came from and the site you exited to, your general geographic location (province or country), and the advertisements or videos that you watched during your visit.

Navigational Data is anonymized; we do not use it to discover your identity (through data matching or other means). Navigational Data is used solely for the purposes described below.

Navigational Data is collected by means of "cookies", which are small data files uploaded to your electronic device (such as your computer, tablet or mobile) when you visit this Site. The cookies are automatically sent by the server of this Site to your device’s browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.) and by default are saved to your device’s hard drive.

2. Who collects Navigational Data?

Navigational Data is or may be collected, in whole or in part, by: (i) us, i.e. Videotron, Quebecor Media Inc., its subsidiaries and related companies (hereafter "we" or "us") and (ii) certain companies with which we collaborate for commercial or non-commercial purposes (such as our advertising and content partners, prospective acquirers of some of our assets, and the providers of technological services, solutions and platforms related to this Site) (hereafter "Partners").

When Navigational Data is collected directly by a Partner, we enter into a prior agreement with that Partner containing appropriate data protection provisions. Such agreements provide for, among other things, representations and warranties to the effect that the Partner will act in accordance with applicable law in Québec, protect and safeguard the confidentiality of Navigational Data, and never use it for purposes other than those stipulated for this Site and in the said agreements. They also include provisions prohibiting any use of spyware that may collect information, without your knowledge, by means of cookies that you cannot disable, or any personal information.

3. Is Navigational Data shared with third parties?

We will not share your Navigational Data without your consent with any third parties other than our Partners, certain companies affiliated with or related to Quebecor Media Inc., and in that case we will do so in the manner described under Question 2 above and in pursuit of the objectives described under Question 4 below. Furthermore, in such cases we will take all available measures to ensure that the Navigational Data is used per our instructions and in accordance with this policy, applicable laws and any other appropriate security measures and confidentiality requirements.

4. How do we use Navigational Data?

We use Navigational Data in the following ways:

(a) to generate statistical data about page views, the performance and use of our sites and their content, and the types of visitors they attract;

(b) to improve your browsing experience. For example, your browser settings (such as your preferred language, time zone and plug-ins) may be applied by default upon your subsequent visits to the Site, so that you do not need to repeatedly enter your preferences;

(c) to display advertisements related to your interest, based for example on the sites and content that you have viewed.

5. Where and for how long do we store Navigational Data?

Navigational Data may be stored on our servers, our providers’ servers, or our Partners’ servers, as applicable. Navigational Data is stored only for as long as necessary to achieve the aforementioned objectives, after which it is deleted.

6. How can you prevent the collection of your Navigational Data?

By browsing this Site, you consent to having your Navigational Data collected in the manner and for the purposes described above, unless you take express action. However, you may at any time use your browser’s functionalities to delete cookies from your computer or to entirely disable the saving of this Site’s cookies. It is also possible to disable some cookies and allow only the ones you want. For more information, please refer to your browser’s settings.

If you disable this Site’s cookies, you will still be able to access the information on this Site. However, you will be treated as a new user upon each visit and the advertising you see will be random and non-personalized.

Certain advanced functionalities of this Site may however be inadvertently affected by disabling cookies because certain cookies enable advanced interaction between different pages of our Site. If you are experiencing difficulties as a result of disabling the cookies on our Site, please contact us using the contact information available on this Site.

7. Do we also collect personal information?

We do not collect personal information, i.e. information that enables us to identify you, such as your name, geographical or email address, or phone number, without your express consent and you will not have to provide and enter such information except on a voluntary basis, when for example subscribing to a site or email list or making a purchase. In that case, you will be asked to create an account with us and provide certain information, such as your name and email address. All personal information will be used, stored and protected in the manner described when the information is collected and expressly accepted by you.

8. What happens when you click on an advertisement or link embedded on our Site?

When you click on an advertisement or a link embedded on our Site, you will be redirected to the site of the advertiser or of a third party and you will exit this Site. The site of the advertiser or of the third party will have its own policy regarding Navigational Data, which may differ from ours, and probably its own cookies. Once you have exited our Site, our Navigational Data policy will no longer apply and you will be subject to the policies of the new site you are visiting.

9. Can you access your Navigational Data or ask us to correct it?

Yes, you can access your Navigational Data or ask us to correct it by sending a written request to However, we can satisfy your request only if we already have a personal file in your name (which is the case when you have already sent us personal information or consent to do so) and can link you to the Navigational Data that relates to you.