My Curious City

Date de début: 2019-02-13 2:00:00 AM Date de fin: 2020-09-26 4:00:00 AM

My Curious City

Saison 3

6. Beauty

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This week at My Curious City, we talk about beauty. From inner beauty to the beauty of the city, our collaborators are presenting many ways to have a better and beautiful life. In a report, we visit Adrenaline Montreal, a tattoo and piercing shop, and in studio, we have a dentist, Dr. Karim El-Samram, and a musical performance with Meryem Saci.

Guest(s) : Guest – Dr. Karim El-Samram, Doctor, Dentist at D Dental Office Report – Adrenaline Tattoo Musical performance – Meryem Saci accompanied by Frank O'Sullivan Volunteer collaborators – Helene Lokoka (Host), Sandra Flessas, Rusual Al-Shawkat, Eddie Karratt, Barbara Plascencia, Pamela Pagano, Berline Dorleans, Brittany Henriques (reporter), Francine Romano Volunteer technicians – Faye Hitchen, Jean-Roch Coupal, Steve Lapommeray, Matthew Naoufal, Saher Gerais, Martin Lebel

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About the show

Produced by the members of the MY Volunteering program, My Curious City presents different themes connected to the Montreal cosmopolitan life. Through reports, columns and interviews, the team of My Curious City highlights places, companies, events and individual Montreal citizens, around a weekly theme. Invited artists add a musical touch every week with live performances recorded in the studio.

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