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Jazz Yoga Ayurveda is a series of eleven one-hour episodes demonstrating a Hatha yoga practice. Hosted by Jasmine Gercke, you are invited to practice with her Hatha yoga postures in a Vinyasa flow synchronized with your breathing. Each episode is composed of five parts: Warm up, Standing Series, Jazz Yoga Flow, Floor Series, Relaxation, Meditation. Postures are guided in a continuous flow with moderate heat. Jasmine is accompanied by two of her students to demonstrate modifications of postures, for beginners and advanced. The practice is based on the five elements of life: water, air, ether, earth and fire. Jazz yoga Ayurveda is based  on a value system of five pillars: balance, learn, truth, kindness and peace. The therapeutic side of the practice is based on Ayurveda science, the sister science of yoga and sound healing through music. 

This week

Join Jasmine Gercke for a Hatha yoga practice based on the five elements of life. This week, practice is focused on the water element - fluidity.

Invité(es) :

Floriana Berretta et Anne-Tsin Duval Fraser (participantes)

Diffusion :

  • Sunday, august 20, 2017 9:00 am

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