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The MY Volunteering program opens the doors to MAtv's television studios.
As a volunteer, you will produce citizen-driven programming and get training and experience in the following areas:
- Host / Anchor
- Studio cameraperson
- Commentator
- Studio soundperson
- Floor manager
MAtv has nine studios across the province.
To find the address of a studio near you, see our list of channels
Are you excited about the prospect of being part of community television?
Sign up and become part of YOUR local TV channel. We will get in touch soon.
As a volunteer for MAtv, you are committed to respecting all applicable ethics
in the program MY Volunteering.

Given the great success of the MY Volunteering program,

a delay in treatment has built up of approximately 12 months.

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See testimonials from our volunteers

Brandon Vergara

Elisa Caselli

Nahiba El Hafi

Sheldon Fried

Andrew Swaine

Johnny Pearson

Robert Koerbel

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